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Primo d'Anfora



Primo d'Anfora is the result of an ambitious project which combines ancient traditions with the newest research, conceived by the Bonollo family.
This type of wine derives from Grechetto, Drupeggio and Malvasia grapes and is fermented and sharpened in terra-cotta amphorae.
The result is a great quality white wine origina-ting from clay which improves with time.

Scheda vino
Grechetto 60%, Drupeggio 20%, Malvasia 20%
Worth knowing
The name Primo d'Anfora derives from its particular process of winemaking and ageing. It represents the first (i.e. Primo) wine from Argillae cellar to be entirely fermented and refined in terra-cotta amphorae.
The terra-cotta amphorae constitute an extraordinary material for the fermentation and ageing of wines. Indeed, terra-cotta presents features that situates it between steel and wood. Similar to steel tanks, the terra-cotta amphorae have the advantage of adding nothing to the wine (no tertiary aromas), fully enhancing its maximum expression. Similar to wooden barrels, instead, the amphorae present a certain level of porosity thus creating an exchange with the external environment. In this way, they guarantee a delicate but constant oxygenation.
It is through this new and fascinating project that the company intends to rescue this ancient Etruscan tradition of terra-cotta fermentation combined with innovative technologies. However, the object is not only the one to bring back to life ancient vinification processes. Clay is the main component of the farm's grounds. It first gives nutriments and strength to the grapevines and then it becomes the container of the wine which is guarded for a long time. The circle is then perfectly closed, "everything begins with earth and it returns to earth". So it is for this extraordinary wine, fruit of the union of local grapes: Grechetto, Drupeggio and Malvasia. They are born from clay grounds and return to clay amphorae to rest in the shape of wine.
Vintage currently for sale: 2016
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