Argillae - Orvieto Umbria

Our project to sustain the environment is a crucial part of our identity and plays a big role in all our activities. This represents our commitment towards the environment and towards the health of our consumers. It’s a “project” and not a philosophy because we are an active part of it and because we want to improve our commitment over time.

Here are the main elements:

The structure of our cellar
The building that hosts the cellars has been designed to blend in with the surrounding environment. The first floor is underground, reducing the environmental impact and avoiding energy consumption for temperature control.

Sustainable practices in agriculture
By adhering to the Agroambiente – a five years European Program - we committed ourselves to reduce the use of agrochemicals and pesticides under a certain amount. This obligation affects all our agronomic activities (vineyards, olive groves and agricultural land). In the vineyards we are able to reduce the usage of chemical treatments thanks to two meteorological stations. Through their data it is possible to know when a treatment is necessary and when it is not. Moreover we only use natural fertilizer (manure).

Green Energy
Our cellar heating system is fueled by biomass (100% green energy).

Waste water
Waste water is completely purified by a phyto-purification plant system based just behind the cellar.

Our commitment also extends to the packaging of our products: wine bottles are made from recycled glass (80%) and they are very light in weight (less weight = less CO2 emissions for transportation); boxes and labels are made from cardboard/paper from woods that are managed responsibly and certified PEFC.